Photography & Me

I am practicing photography from sometime but I never dared to recognize myself as a photographer. Because I feel the word “photography or photographer” is too broad and vast.Actually I fell in love with photography from the beginning. Back in 2009 I did my Elementary of photography from “Pathsala- South Asian Media Institute”. After that I did one year Advanced Diploma in Photo journalism and documentary photography with the same institute. I also did post graduate certificate course on Broadcast & cross media journalism of Pathshala-BRAC University joint venture project.

From then to till today I am learning from “Gurus”. And Photography is like an addiction to me that’s why, whenever I get the opportunity to learn or get worthy works to follow, I do it and to me itʼs like a responsibility too. As I always love to improve my photographic skills.

I never compared photography with profit and loss equations. To me it was never a thing to compare it with anything.

For necessity, I always did and still doing event photography to commercial photography.But I always preferred one or series of photos through which I can see the time passing by or tell stories. I know one photo is powerful enough to stirred human heart. I also believe one photo can change the perspective of a society or group.

Only an ethically correct photo can bring out the truth.

Photography is such a medium which can represent the helplessness, oppression and wrong doings, at the same time it can create examples of doing the right things or how to follow the “good”.

I don’t see photographs only as mere snaps or a profession to earn, for me it’s a powerful medium which can be used to change the society, preserving history and also as Witness of Incident.


Photo4life starts its journey since 2008, inspiration form of “the love of photography”. It is enduring the business successfully last ten years of this professional service focused industries of Bangladesh.


We will not announce us that “we are the Best” but, we are on the path of new tradition through the internet & advanced technology. Whereas nowadays photography is enhancing with new dimensions every day, so we also keep updating us according to the generation along with our photographic equipment’s.


It is not our belief that a photographer is connected with numerous photos in a long period of time is a good photographer. But we believe and know that the proper photography education & regular experimental practice on specified subject is mandatory to be a good photographer.


We are always following legend’s creation to inspire ourselves, but we never try to copy them.


Please share your emotions/ spirits to us, we will give you our finest effort. We know that every respected client’s expectation is different.